14 Crazy Reasons Why people Are Queuing To Dine In The London’s Naked Restaurant

Naked in public isn't cool. Or is it?

naked restaurant london

Restaurants have been a source of entertainment for all the people. You can go there with all your loved ones. You can have food, drinks, and many other things in exchange for money. Sitting and eating there, away from home is fun. You need not worry about anything and just enjoy. Different restaurants have different features. Some come with good food, others with amazing facilities.

There is an weird kind of restaurant. But it is just not any other restaurant. It is a whole new and different experience. An experience like no other. It is a nude restaurant.

Yes, a nude restaurant. A thing like this exists. This is amazing. This is ‘The Buniyadi’. It is the World’s first nude restaurant. And it is making headlines. It was inaugurated a few months ago and there is nothing stopping this.

Take a look at reasons why people are queuing to dine in the naked restaurants.

1.It opened in June 11, 2016. It was Saturday that day.

  #open #Saturday


2.It has more than 40,000 on the waiting list. This is humongous number.

#waiting #humongous


 3. Diners feast on five totally natural courses. Even cutlery is edible.

#diners #courses #Cutlery


4. Diners can opt to eat with clothes or without clothes. A natural experience.

#experience #Cult


5. The first diners at the undisclosed venue were invited as part of its ‘soft opening’. They said that they enjoyed the ambience.

#undisclosed #venue #opening


6. The tickets are worth £69. Not much for such a great experience.

#money #experience


7. The idea is that everything is naked. It includes everything from the decor to the food, made with raw ingredients and cooked naturally.

#naturally #ingredients #cook


8. Emily Hodgkin, 24, and James Dunn, 31, visited on its opening night. So lucky!

#opening #night #lucky


9.They say that being nude will help in concentration during food. It is great.

 #nude #concentration


10. It is a place of ‘True Liberation’. It feels wonderful to be there.

#feel #liberate


11. The waitress is topless. Same as her male counterpart.

#waitress #male #counterpart


12. The restaurant is illuminated by candles dotted about the floor and walls, and divided into mini-rooms. There is a small privacy curtain as well.

#restaurant #wall #floor


13. They are both vegan and non vegan diets. And they are very different from each other.

#vegan #different


14. This makes people comfortable in their own skin. It is great.

#comfortable #skin


15. People said the food was “inspired” and “delicious” and the the whole experience was “perfection”. They loved it.

#inspire #delicious



The nude restaurant is something looking forward to open its new branches. It is great in every sense.