12 Women Salmaan Khan dated

Such a Playboy!


He is among the few bachelors today. Even Imran Khan is married. He has had a colourful life as far as his girlfriends are concerned. It started from Sangeeta Bijlani and he is currently rumoured to be dating Lulia Vantur. Now he is in headlines more for his relationship status than his love life. The media wants to know that who is he going to marry. The entire nation wants to know. Even at 50, he is a heartthrob of many girls. The media constantly keeps on asking him about marriage and he gives them some witty replies, one of them is “I am virgin”. He leaves the people flabbergasted. He keeps them guessing. Along with his world famous affairs, he has had a string of flings that have lasted for not more than a few months.

Here is a sneak peek in the list of the girlfriends of a man who is forever dating.

1. Sangeeta Bijlani

She comes in the top of the list for a reason. She was among his first girlfriends in the film fraternity.

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2. Somy Ali

After Sangeeta came Somy. She was born to an Iraqi mother and Pakistani father and lived in the US.

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3. Aishwarya Rai

This has to be his most famous affair. It was with none other than the former Miss World.

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4. Sneha Ullal

Sallu then found love in Aishwarya’s lookalike. The relationship soon fizzled out.

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5. Katrina Kaif

They never admitted to the relationship. However, Kat was very close to him.

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6. Zarine Khan

The next was Katrina Kaif look alike. She had a relationship with him for a short period.

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7. Claudia Ciesla

The beautiful model was linked to Sallu. She is a German model.

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8. Hazel Keech

His next linkup was Hazel Keech. She is now engaged to Yuvraj Singh.

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9. Mahek Chahel

She is a Norwegian model and actress. Salman found love everywhere.

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10. Bruna Abdallah

She came to Salman after Katrina went from his life. She only had 2 meetings with the man himself.

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11. Asin

A picture of London Dreams, showing Salman Khan on his knees before Asin, started a new rumor. A South India news claimed that they were married but it was false.

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12. Lulia Vantur

The Romanian is his newest girlfriend. She is seen with Salman’s family several times.

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Salman is famous for his lady loves. He has always been a playboy and the Bollywood is awaiting the day he is getting married.