12 Powerful Pictures Of World War I That Changed Everything

The war and it's aftermath


The world war began almost 100 years ago and in many ways remains a defining conflict in the modern era.  The public outcry led to several deaths. It also gave way for the loss of property and men. It did not only worry people but shocked them from inside. Like a pebble can start a landslide, a single killing set off a series of events that led to the mass killings and eventually a war in the entire world, especially Europe. This is how a general war was started.

Many people went to the battlefield. And a few of them returned. The world war left the world in a different state. The first world war was a drama that came thick and fast. It still stuck in the minds of the people in that time. It is no less than a haunting thing. It may be a thing of past but it certainly left a daunting mark on the world.

1. Departure of first battalion of mid Kent volunteers. This is a pic of 1914.

#departure #battalion #Kent


2. She is the first woman in the Russian cavalry. This is a savage division.

#Russia #cavalry #savage


3. Two munitions workers at Woolwich Arsenal. They were liberated after the world war.

#world #war #munitions


4. It shows a construction of sap in Belgian sector. It was used to undermine enemy positions.

#construction #undermine #enemy


5. A woman in Old Kent London. They were freed during the war.

#Kent #London #free


6. A French soldier in a frontline trench. He is firing a pneumatic trench mortar, an indirect fire weapon.

 #soldier #trench #weapon


7. Women and boys working in brass finishing workshop. This played an important role.

#brass #workshop #brass


8. Two German soldiers with their mule. They are wearing this mask to prevent toxic air.

#soldiers #mule #mask


9. A British soldier visiting grave of his friend. Paying respect to the fallen.

#soldier #friend #respect


10. It is a pic of as early as 1914. A soldier writing letter to family in a trench.

 #early #soldier #trench


11. These boys are showing American pride. They do it with flags in their hands.

#flag #pride #America


12. This soldier is laughing despite an injury. Such a wonderful spirit.

#laugh #injury #soldier



The world war I was nasty to both people and property.