12 Do-it-Yourself Ideas To Transform Your Garden Into Paradise

Amazing backyard reshaping designs to improve your garden


Backyards is a place in one’s home to relax and have fun with siblings, family and friends. The garden area where you want to spend sometime alone after hectic schedule or have a cup of coffee with a book to read. This space must not occupied with a lot of stuffs, but yes it can have some small yet innovative things.

We give you those innovative ideas, to turn your backyard to creative area of your home. Have a look to these unique outlooks.

1. Playhouse

Tired of children not getting away with their electronic gadgets, make them below creation, they will not again look to their gadgets :) :) Happy Happy



2. Hammock

Bored of reading on the couches, re-arrange your garden. It will be a treat by you to you 😉



3. Patio Water Wall

Love water falls..but no time for outings. DO NOT WORRY, amazing design for your outdoor space. :)

Patio Water Wall


4. Monogram Planter

Like to plant colorful flowers, Yes this is another great way to plant on them on your walls.. Use your old outdoor furniture.

Monogram Planter


5. Pallet Swing

Have long and strong trees in your backyard ;).. Test them with these swings 😀 Pallet Swing


6. Pond Planter

This will give you a sophisticated feel.. Enjoy with a little and light music after your supper. Relaxing! Pond Planter


7. Wine Bottle Torches

Wanna Drink more wine.. Give them this excuse.. They won’t refuse 😉 HAHAHA

Wine Bottle Torches


8. Rainbow Tin Can Planters

No time to water your tiny plants. Use this concept in rainy season and be hassle-free. :) :) Rainbow Tin Can Planters


9. Lamp Posts

Like retro-feel, try this in your backyard.

Lamp Posts


10. Patterned Banners

Wanna arrange a small get-together in your garden and want ideas. Have a look to this design.. Patterned Banners


11. Luminaries

And this is something very amazing and innovative use of the pickle jars. Isn’t? 😉Luminaries


12. Garden Trellis

Have a look to this wired design for your plants..

Garden Trellis