10 Foods That Make Your Body Heal Fast


Body healing could be done by eating the correct food which contains the required vitamins and nutrients. Different food contains different kinds of vitamins which help body to fight with infections and injuries. The human body is prone to get hurt frequently and also catches flu and cold. The home remedy for such body sicknesses are the foods which help in healing body faster.

Below are foods which provides appropriate nutrients to the body to heal:

1. Citrus Fruits

Many people try taking vitamin C once they have cold. But vitamin C can stop you from getting cold in the first place, by making white blood cells which help fight infection. Some citrus fruits you can try are grapefruit, oranges and lemon. Make sure to take vitamin C daily, because your body does not store it.



2. Red Bell Peppers

They have double the amount of vitamin C as citrus fruits. They also have a lot of beta carotene which keeps your eyes and skin healthy, while vitamin C keeps skin healthy.

Red Bell Peppers


3. Broccoli

It is having a lot of minerals and vitamins. It is full of vitamins A, C and E, and a lot of antioxidants, which makes it one of the healthiest vegetable.



4. Garlic

It adds flavor to food and is helpful to health. It is known for fighting with infections for many years.



5. Ginger

Ginger is mostly used to fight with the cold, but it can be used to prevent cold.



6. Spinach

It is a vegetable which is full of vitamin C, which helps body fight infection. It is said to cook it little or not cook at all, which will add vitamin A and take away oxalic acid.



7. Yogurt

Buy yogurt that have label ‘live and active cultures’ which help fight sicknesses. They also have a lot of vitamin D.



8. Turmeric

It is a yellow, bitter spice that is used in a lot of curries. It is used to keep down swelling in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It helps muscles that are hurt from exercise.



9. Poultry

Chicken soup does not only make you feel good when you are sick, but also don’t let you get sick. It has a lot of vitamin B-6.



10. Papaya

Papaya has 224 percent of vitamin C one must take in a day. It has papain, a digestive enzyme which keeps down swelling in the body. It has potassium, B vitamins and folate which are good for health.




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