10 Clothes To Wear In The Summer Season

What to wear and not to wear during summer season.

summer season

 Summer Season Clothing 

India is a tropical country and the summer occurs from April to July about 4 months up to rainy season in August. People often struggle to find right choice of clothing to wear as not every clothe is suitable for the body. Some clothes cause irritation or allergies so wearing light color clothing can help in relaxation while dark color clothes adsorb heat.  


Few tips to choose and wear the right kind of clothes in the summer days are:-

  • It is advisable to wearing loose clothes that will help in blood circulation.

loose cloths


  • For men generally half sleeved shirts or sleeveless t-shirts are best choice.

half sleeves t shirts


  • Cotton salwar kameez are the best outfit for women during summer seasons.

salwar kameez


  • Cotton shorts are best for children.

children in shorts


  • Open neck t-shirt is always better.

open neck t shirts


  • Instead of jeans go in for loose or bigger bottom cotton trousers




  •  Avoid jackets and thick material tops.



  • Avoid wearing synthetic tights and slacks.  

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    So wear cool summer clothing and  be cheerful!!  

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