Bringing Credibility to Content Using Artificial Intelligence.

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About Us

Citispotter offers automated quality score and verification of shared content towards fighting fake news, misinformation and hate-speech with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We offer 360 degree content analysis and helps businesses to optimize content by identifying and filtering harmful content. Our automated quality score and verification algorithm detects series of misinformation signals in the content and hence it could be optimized for better world.

Our team has more than 15+ people working over our machine learning proprietary tech day and night to give our best to the businesses we serve. Our team consists of passionate entrepreneurs, coders, testers, researchers and panel of esteemed advisors.

Our Audience

Content Publishers


Our engineering team has entrepreneurial background, and have built various components to identify and flag misinformation, hate speech and fake news. Our team has Data scientist, AI Engineer, and Full Stack Web Developer has worked on various automated content verification and flag hate speech, misinformation and propaganda.


Pallav Sethiya

CEO & Co-founder

Serial Entrepreneur and Computer Sc. Engineer, Graduate of Cranfield University in MSC Management and Entrepreneurship, Maxwell’s Centre Impulse 2019 Entrepreneur Programme ( University Of Cambridge) Graduate.


Dushyant Sethiya

COO & Co-founder

Tech Entrepreneur and Information Technology Engineer, Certified Data Scientist from IIM Indore( India), Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge(UK), and Masters in International Business from the Leeds Business School, University of Leeds(UK).

Our Advisors


Dr. Shailendra Vyakarnam

Chairman of KisanHub and on the Advisory Board of Smart Vineyards, NED CorrosionRADAR Ltd., Co-Founder and Director of AcceleratorIndia, Visiting Prof at Cranfield University


Dr. Uday Phadke

Chief Executive, Cartezia; Founding Director, AcceleratorIndia; Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Cambridge University